• Dean Cranney

Remembering the 4th of July

How grateful I am to be living in a country like the USA.

The history of our country is remarkable for the amazing hope and resilience that persists throughout or despite the periods of hardship, injustice, and sadness. The American Dream is an ideal unlike any other.

I've lived around the world and love those places we've be able to visit if only for a time but I love returning to my country. That is why I chose to serve in the military. I'm honored to have served in the US Air Force and now the Guard. The men and women with whom I've served are absolutely inspiring and have made me a better person.

So today I'll eat my hamburgers and hot dogs with my ice cream (provided by my mother-in-law as traditional fare), wave my flag, and watch the fireworks. But most importantly in my mind is that I get to do all of this with my neighbors and friends!

Wishing you the best this 4th of July!

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