• Dean Cranney

One month down, looking forward to many more!

So I've reflected somewhat after working so hard to get this clinic ready to open and then finally seeing it open! I thought I'd just share some highlights with you (and a few frustrations)

Highlights: 29 patients from the opening day of our clinic enrolled! This may not sound like a lot but it was a very welcomed surprise in some ways.

Getting our first employer pledging to sponsor 10 of his employees for a membership at our practice!

Sitting down at work and having time to think about each patient I have and really consider about how I can help them.

Getting to the end of a visit and reflecting how nice it was.

Not having to think about anyone or anything else in the exam room except the patient!!!

Caring for my patients through secure email, texting, and in person.

Feeling great when I can exceed expectations.

Helping patients know how to get the most appropriate COVID testing and supporting a patient that did have a positive test (doing well).

Answering the phone and having the person apologize for calling the doctor directly! (I'm typically the one that does answer the phone, I mean it is my practice!)

Communicating with other physicians and providers directly!

Frustrations: Knowing how to get the word out to as many people as I can (I'm impatient that way.)

Finding out about all of the business taxes, regulations, reporting requirements, employee documentation needed, etc.

Trying to get medical records sent correctly and in a timely manner.

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