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Looking up, Up, UP!

So I have been absent from my blog for some time so no better time to get back to it! I'm coming up on the first year anniversary of the opening of Dr Cranney Family Medicine. In this first year of review, the first thing that always hits me are the set backs that we encountered.

-A delay in opening due to non-compete issues last year

-The need to change the name of the clinic shortly after opening

-This small blip called COVID

-Trying to continue to work a side job to earn enough money to keep my dream going

As more time goes by, I actually see how each setback was a setup for a future that I wasn't totally expecting. Those setbacks mentioned above ended up doing the following:

-The delay helped me to be more prepared and have a wider support system to start the business

-The name change made me realize that my own name was likely a better fit for our clinic.

-COVID focused our communities and by providing a community service of vaccinations this may enable me to generate some income to support the new clinic

-My side jobs ending forced me to commit full time to the current clinic/endeavor. I can see how this has helped us grow and provide a better service overall!

Part of what I've recognized is that the perception of these life events depends on how I'm looking at it. It also depends on my attitude. When I take these with an open-ness to look again at my approach and change when needed, they have been tremendous blessings!

At our first year anniversary we have gone from 26 patients to now 111 and still growing faster today! For me and our business things truly are looking up, Up, UP! Thanks to you all!

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