• Dean Cranney

Distress and Peace

These last few weeks I've sure seen a fair amount of distress in many circumstances.

- Anger and fear regarding political matters

- Fear and uncertainty about COVID19

- Loss of hope in the future.

- Worry about the future of the state of the nation, economy, our freedoms, etc.

- Breakdown in communication between reasonable people

- Focus on blame and pointing out flaws

- Negativism in general

- Being RIGHT

But with all of these observations there have been some circumstances that have brought me back to peace, calm, and hope:

- Camille and I were recently asked to facilitate a 12 step addiction recovery program through our church. Learning the steps and practicing them have restored me. (If you've never been to a 12 step program before, look into checking one out if you are able as it teaches and helps everyone practice making themselves whole, functional people). It's not like I have "arrived" after a few weeks of being a group leader, but it gives me a direction and a purpose in my life and in my interactions with others.

- Our church had a general conference where the messages given grounded me again. The main message I took was: Hard times are coming but be nice to everyone and help out how you can, you will weather the storm through practicing good principles and God will provide.

- I read a Facebook post that was forwarded from an acquaintance which basically said something along the lines of "you don't convince people by trying to prove to them everything that is wrong or bad with them or their side of things" and "with the upcoming election, one side will lose so look to yourself to make sure how you can reunite after a contentious process." I had to ask myself if my party or cause lost, how would I feel and what would I do to reconcile? It's hard to ask yourself those questions but it's a good type of difficulty to face head on.

- And last, I have focused again on all of the wonderful people that I ACTUALLY have right around me. I have been helped and loved by people from so many different backgrounds and situations. I have friends in multiple states and even countries. I can't think of any of them that would not help me if I were in true distress and I feel the same way toward them.

We've been so blessed to start NW Pioneer DPC, Family Medicine Clinic. We're making great connections with people and working together to help people the best we can. Thank you to all that have had a hand in making this happen!

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