• Dean Cranney

COVID Craziness...

Some thoughts as I am waiting for the next patient in Urgent Care. . .

Coronavirus (COVID19) is a serious medical issue.

I do not wish people to get this disease.

If people do get this disease, I hope it to be the mildest possible.

I want to support those efforts to reduce spread so far as possible.

I will wear a mask when in public and having any close interactions with others when I am able.

If I don't have a mask or someone else doesn't have a mask, I will be kind and refrain from judging or becoming self-righteous with indignation.

I do not have all the answers regarding transmission, risk, etc. but am very interested in looking at them.

Even with the tremendous impact to our lives, the overall impact in our country still pales compared to say, heart disease (estimated 647,000 deaths each year).

The CDCs leading causes of deaths from 2017

  • Heart disease: 647,457

  • Cancer: 599,108

  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936

  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201

  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383

  • Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404

  • Diabetes: 83,564

  • Influenza and pneumonia: 55,672

  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,633

  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

Take steps to minimize harm, decrease risk.

BUT continue to live, connect, reach out, touch and interact.

Take responsibility for yourself and your family.

Refrain from telling others what they should and shouldn't do, rather educate and encourage.

Hope everyone remains healthy and happy!

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