• Dean Cranney

2020 Recap and Look Forward

So looking back at 2020:

#1 Covid19 wave, panic, response, fear, and now receding, improving, resolving.

Being locked in or locked down, businesses made to close or suspend, gyms and salons now reopening with protocols.

Unemployment spikes through our own interventions but now improving significantly.

Demonstrations, protests, and riots occur throughout the country in multiple locations. Civility seems to have been suspended. Hopeful for a return to open dialogue, cooperative solutions and community cohesion.

Wildfires spring up (by accident and intentionally) in multiple locations throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. Spokane gets hit by the worst possible air quality ever recorded. As of today, air quality improving from high of almost 500 down to 308 (almost on the border of only very unhealthy levels ;).

Peace in the Middle East in two separate agreements, historic in nature.

And in all of this, NW Pioneer DPC opens for business! We're dedicated to providing world-class health care because of or in spite of all of the above. We are focused on working with anyone of any stripe to improve and support them in the best practices for health and wellness. We are a location that can evaluate, treat, care for, and coordinate additional care for nearly everyone. Did you always want to have 'your' doctor? That's what we're about!

Looking forward to the end of 2020 and beyond:

Looking for continued solutions to Covid19 including new treatment options (medications, bioengineering, covalescent plasma, immunizations, natural remission of the outbreak).

Supporting businesses to maintain their employees and add back those in need of a job. Doing our part to make new health care benefit options available especially for those small employers who can't afford insurance but want to help with health care.

Being dedicated to be a listening ear and a partner for the solutions for problems plaguing our communities and instilling a sense of civility and respect for every individual.

Can't say I can do much about the wildfires directly but in the Air National Guard, we do typically support through manpower and other avenues the fight against natural disasters.

As a citizen of Spokane, the USA, and the world, I hope to start with myself to bring a measure of peace to those in my immediate vicinity. Local efforts are the most important.

I realize that those are some lofty goals. But aiming high enough increases our likelihood of success!

I'd like to ask everyone, what are YOU going to do about those problems you have seen? What are YOU going to do tomorrow, the next week, or the next week to be a constructive influence in your personal sphere of influence? I believe in individual capacity for good that combined is amazing in it's scope and power.

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