What are the steps to enroll?

  1. Click on the enroll button.

  2. Complete the registration information.

  3. Click on the link to enter your medical history information.

  4. Complete the release of information form and return it to us so we can get your medical records.

  5. Click on the link to schedule your first appointment.  During this appointment we will review the membership agreement and sign all of the needed forms to start your membership.  We will not provide medical care such as refilling medications during this initial appointment.

  6. After this process your membership may be activated if both you and the physician agree.

  7. At that point you will be enrolled with Dr Cranney Family Medicine and be eligible for all of the benefits!

What is Direct Primary Care?


Direct Primary Care is a rapidly growing movement designed to make medical care affordable, accessible, and most of all convenient for both doctors and patients.  Tens of thousands of families across the US have discovered the benefits of this revolutionary model of care, and now it has arrived in Spokane.  Just like joining a health club or yoga studio, becoming a Dr Cranney Family Medicine member gives you exceptional access to our services, with absolutely no strings attached.  Enjoy  relaxed and unrushed visits with a doctor who listens to your concerns and provides cutting edge care.  Text your doctor with questions, send an email, or even request a video visit for those nagging or urgent medical concerns.   Whether you are traveling abroad, up on the ski slopes, or at home; if you have cellphone reception you have medical care at your fingertips.

Do you "take insurance?"


No, but a better way to say this is we don't bill insurance for any of our services provided.  By cutting out the regulations and restrictions inherent with insurance companies, we can provide unparalleled care without co-pays or unexpected medical bills. We make it simple; the monthly membership fee covers everything we do at the clinic.  We never bill insurance, we never collect a co-pay, and we never send unexpected bills.  If you do have insurance, great!  While outside labs and medications have all been pre-negotiated with outside vendors at significantly discounted prices, if you still want to use insurance and pay full price for these services, you can. We are not an insurance company.  We are medical professionals providing excellent care with completely transparent pricing.

What if I need a specialist or a hospital?


In providing high quality medical care that is quick and convenient, many times we are able to prevent or reduce the need for hospitalizations and specialty referrals.  If the need does arise, we will closely coordinate with any outside specialists and hospitals and keep them accountable to providing you with the best possible care.   We are not affiliated with any large healthcare systems, insurance companies, or large medical corporations.  Thus, we decide together who will best serve your needs.  We do encourage you to carry insurance or have a plan for unexpected large medical costs.

How do appointments work?

Every appointment is scheduled with Dr. Cranney.  Getting a visit scheduled is easy.  Submit an appointment request online, over the phone, send us an e-mail, or even shoot us a text and we will get you scheduled at your convenience.  Same day appointments can generally be accommodated.

Are there any additional costs?

Possibly.  At Dr Cranney Family Medicine, we provide everything we do for the membership fee.  However, for any outside services such as labs, pathology specimens, medications, and imaging, these do require additional cost.  Fortunately, we have pre-negotiated steep discounts with local vendors and have completely transparent pricing.

For example:


Service                            Hospital price                        NW Pioneer DPC

CBC                                         $ 96                                               $7

TSH                                          $208                                             $12

A1C                                           $120                                              $12

Cholesterol Panel                $165                                               $12.50

PSA                                          $227                                              $15

                       *prices listed are current examples and subject to change

What is the co-pay?


There is no co-pay and there never will be.  Co-pays are created by insurance companies as a disincentive for seeking medical care.  Instead, we provide everything we do for a single membership fee.   We don’t believe in creating barriers for members seeking the care they need.  After all, that is what we are here for, convenient and accessible care when you need it.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

Hopefully this never needs to happen, but if it does, we have made it easy to cancel at anytime.  All we ask is to submit your cancellation 30 days in advance and you will no longer be billed and your membership will expire.  Should you choose to rejoin Dr Cranney Family Medicine, we reserve the right to charge a re-enrollment fee.

Are prices guaranteed?


Each membership rate is good for an entire year.  Current pricing is subject to change.  

Why would I purchase a membership plan when I have insurance?

There can be unique reasons to enroll with Dr Cranney Family Medicine for each person.  

  • Patients value the care given by the physician as well as the accessibility, communication options, and individualized attention provided.  In short, the price is worth it.

  • By purchasing health CARE directly through a membership model, it is typically much less.  Prices for all services are known in advance.  Just think, one unexpected trip to the ER would likely cost more than an entire year of membership.  

  • By pairing our membership with a high deductible insurance plan or a health-share group plan, the monthly cost of premiums and membership are often less that a "gold" plan premium.  

Is a DPC membership insurance?


        No, a membership is a way to pay for primary care services only and is NOT insurance.  A                                membership will not provide any payment for services outside of our office such as a specialists                office or a hospital.  That being said, we can help you navigate those services and find the best                  pricing available.