Dean Cranney, MD

I am a family medicine physician and have been practicing medicine since 2001.  I love the work I do and I absolutely love the people I get to work with.  I am blessed with an amazing wife, 4 wonderful children, one grand-daughter and another on the way in February, 2021.  We also very much look forward to future additions to our family.

So why Dr Cranney Family Medicine, a Direct Primary Care Clinic?  For years working in the medical field, I have always felt that I could do more to advocate for the patients under my care and for the profession that I love.  About 7 years ago, I started to learn about the innovative approach called Direct Primary Care.  I was struck by how simple a proposition it really is.  Also I loved how this approach returns the relationship of patient and physician to a time where both were valued.

I believe that the Direct Primary Care movement is the best of how medicine used to be.  My grandfather, W.D. Cranney, was a general practice physician in the town where I grew up.  He did everything a doctor could do, it seemed, from routine clinic work, to hospital rounds, to surgery.  He even delivered babies, myself included.  I remember a few visits after hours to his clinic for stitches, an urgent breathing treatment, and even one time setting my broken arm.    As I recall, everyone in my hometown seemed to know Dr. Cranney.  It wouldn't matter where we went, it felt like I was with a local celebrity.  But even with that notoriety there was always a simple connection that was without pride or arrogance.  I witnessed a true appreciation not only for the care that each individual received but for the person that my grandfather was.  I wanted the same relationships that he had engendered.  

Our logo was designed with the intent of show-casing the strengths of our model.  A heart shape for the care we provide, the speech halves emphasizing the communication that we provide and the nostalgic yet modern color scheme is bringing the best of the past married to the best of the present and future.

Camille and I settled down in Spokane in 2011.  We had lived here before when we were stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base.  We loved our time here and came back to make Spokane our home.  We plan on staying for many years to come.  We love the community and the people!


Camille Cranney

Camille has been married to Dr. Cranney since 1991.  She has graciously agreed to help in our clinic as the need arises to answer phones, decorate the office, organize the space, and generally be a friendly face.  She is the mother of 4 wonderful children and although she does not look it, is the grandmother to one with another grandchild on the way!